Vítek Formánek - TB Baits

I was born at Hořovice and my fishing life began when I was 6 years old. In the beginning, I focused on all fishing techniques and spent all my free time by the water. There was no one fishing in my family, so I gained all my knowledge by trial-error method. 

It took me several years to figure it all out and at that time I was convinced, that I know everything. It was year 1996, when Jarda Vítek a Milan Zelenka appeared on fishing scene. I kept reading their articles about catching big carp and I was literally swallowed by them. This is where my carp journey begin.

Today, I'm already laughing at the time when I bought miracle boilie in individual pieces in fishing shops. It all started again. No information, there was nothing left but to try and try. I like to remember these time. It was a time of discovery and new friendships.

Fate put me in the way of  for me unknown boys at the time, such as Jirka "Scopex" Majer, Tomáš Blažek and Richard Bártek, with whom I undertook carp expeditions both here and later abroad. At that time, I caught various brands, which others also caught. After founding the TB Baits brand, I was offered cooperation and I gladly accepted it. I knew I would be part of something new, in the circle of people I have known for many years.

I am doing well in my personal life. I have a great family that supports me and tolerates my travels to carp giants. But I enjoy everything about fishing. Not only catching, but also what is connected with it. It's my lifestyle, my passion, my illness…