TB Baits Boilie Monster Crab

TB Baits Boilie Monster Crab
TB Baits Boilie Monster Crab
TB Baits Boilie Monster Crab
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TB Baits Boilie Monster Crab - 10 kg 20 mm
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TB Baits Boilie Monster Crab - 10 kg 24 mm
New economic boilies from TB Baits with incredible efficiency.

We are honored to present you the main news for this season. This project really took us a while. Dozens of recipes and countless hours of testing our consulting team are behind us. On the rivers, lakes, sand pits, ponds and smaller rivers. We really enjoyed testing this boilie. Often, we didn´t even have time to finish our coffee. Fish exceeding the 20 kg limit was not the exception and the largest fish caught was 24,7 kg. All from the public waters.

The main goal was to create a boilie with immediate effect at the best possible price, to make it available to all fishermen and to ensure that its purchase price does not impose any restrictions on the way it is used. Our background has enabled to us to produce natural and at the same time high quality boilies, which we are proud of. Thanks to the purchase of raw materials in large volumes and a new state-of-the-art production line, we are able to significantly reduce the costs of the entire production process, whether it is the raw materials themselves, human labor or energy.

Boilie starts taking effect immediately after being thrown into the water and releases a food signals into its surroundings. The surface of the boilie begins to dissolve, which makes it even more attractive to fish. The disintegration time of the boilie after being thrown into the water is about 8 to 12 hours, depending on the diameter of the boilie, water temperature, stream and white fish activity. Thanks to its unique composition, boilie will not crack when dried. 

We recommend soaking the boilie or cobra before feeding the fresh boilie with a cobra. Although fresh boilies are relatively soft, the balls will not halve in the air due to soaking.