Stanley Blažka - TB Baits

Leaving aside a small child´s poaching on streams and rivers, I think that for the first time I really had a fishing license sometime in 2010. I was ten years old. The first boilies from the production of one company in the Vysočina region, in a relatively large range - several kilograms, I received for Christmas 2015. It was near Jihlava, where I live.

In December 2016, I met Tomáš Blažek. He provided me, the young boy, as the only carp company addressed, with incredible, generous material and advisory support. Joining TB Baits has given me the best acquaintance with the carp world. I still catch at this company and I only catch TB Baits brand boilies.

Every carp angler want a big catches. Sometimes they catch in beautiful nature, other times they catch in the worst places, in mud, stones, on stairs. Before I learned to catch carp properly, I was lucky enough to go with a small non-fishing group to the Slovenian lake Bled. A beautiful lake awaited between the mountains, unfortunately surrounded by many tourists from all over the world and bound by strict ordinances banning bivouacs, the use of green areas for picnics, the absence of quality parking and overpriced accommodation. The price of a one-day permit was exorbitant - around 50 euros. The number of fishermen was also limited. there were about 8 of us upon arrival. I felt lost. I didn't have a run for three days in front of Korean tourists swirling around me. On the last day of my stay, in the afternoon storm, a miracle happened and I caught my first "bigger leather carp" about 10 kg of . It happened to the great joy of me and the astonished Korean who held my landing net.

I met many waters directly with Tomáš Blažek or on the basis of his recommendation. Tomáš and I fished even on the day of my greatest carp success. I met great fishing luck. The first carp over 30 kg ever caught in the union waters emerged from the water - the Czech record of the Fantastic carp (32 kg) was 17 years old. (7/2018)

I catch exclusively in places where there are no catches and the fish there have the opportunity to grow freely to the maximum dimensions. That is why I am mainly looking for the Elbe and the adjacent sand pits. Recently I was fascinated by fishing on lakes in France, in beautiful nature with the possibility of using 4 rods for 24 hours. Fishing abroad offers incredibly large lakes and grandiose rivers. These are places where it is difficult to estimate what capital fishes are there. A typical example of adventurous and very complex fishing is, for example, the lower Danube bed, but also the Po or Rhone. Catching in these rivers is a big challenge for me, which I am preparing for.

Basically, I adapt my whole life to fishing and I adapt my fishing to other lives. I have been a competitive tennis player for many years and I still do it today, even if only as a coach. I am currently finishing a hotel school in Velké Meziříčí. Gastronomy is my big hobby, I participated in the finals of the International Championship of Czech Chefs - Gastro Junior 2019 and other important competitions. In the autumn, I would like to continue my studies at the hotel university remotely so that I have enough time for fishing and gastronomy. I imagine studying in the best fishing areas in my bivouac under millions of stars and while consuming selected specialties that I prepare myself.

All the best, Stanley