Stanislav Vajner - TB Baits

My very first fishing took place when I was about 10 years old on a stream just behind our cottage. My grandfather took me to this little river. From beginning, he passed to me his experience and knowledge. I wen through different types of fishing methods and I gradually find my way to catching carp. All this time I humbly try to learn from the various materials available online, but also in book form. There is still something to learn and invent. I prefer stagnant water. I like to spend my time by the water with my friend Aleš Matoušek and we experience challenges and adventures together! The unequivocal goal for the future is a foreign expedition and the associated knowledge of a completely different world of carp. But I still divide my time spent fishing between school duties and daily hockey training. I try to use every free moment to be as close to the water as possible. I have been catching Tomáš Blažek's boilies since I was fifteen. I like GLM Squid Strawberry and King Krill. It was King Krill who fulfilled my dream - to catch fish over 20 kilogams on the public river. Personally, I think everyone has their dream and I would like to say: "Live your dream and I hope that we will meet right by the water someday."