Radek Jíra - TB Baits

Hi friends! I started catching carps about my tenth birthday. This only lasted a short time until my fifteen. Then I have a long pause. I did a lot of sports and there was no time for anything else. But everything changed after my 30 birthday. My longtime friend was still fishing and one day I was go with him on the bih public water. And it was there. Since then we have been going mostly together. We are attracted by big public waters, both Czech and foreign. Like almost everyone, I have tried many companies and brands. After this long search, one day phone rang and at the other end was Tomáš Blažek, who offered me cooperation. I didn't hesitate for a minute. The negotiations and communication were great, but above all I started catching really big carp. Above all, it's still relaxation and well-being for me. I know nothing better than watching the surface, watching what is happening, and waiting for the run!