Martina Procházková - TB Baits

It's hard to say if it ever occurred to me in the past that I could fall into such a beautiful hobby as fishing. A number of circumstances led me to this hobby. Above all, it was a time when I met my current boyfriend, who at that time was already traveling in fishing grounds in the Czech Republic and in fishing grounds abroad. The fish that I saw lying in the mat like this completely enchanted me, and I immediately had the desire to catch such a "whale" as well. For me, I like to remember my beginnings when the spool of the reel spun with incredible speed. Until this time, I usually only caught predators on spinning wheels.

I go fishing with Martin. These are beautiful moments for us, which we spend together by the water. Any catch is always a wonderful diversification of the moments I spend in nature. Although it should be noted that sometimes fight with a carp is a lot of hard work and leaves a lot of bruises.

I really like to go to fishing races, where there is no shortage of tension from start to finish.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jard Párys and Tomáš Blažek for catching TB BAITS boilies, which help me, and not only me, to make beautiful catches.