Martin Žemlička - TB Baits

I was born and I still live in the town of Hořovice. I have been involved in fishing since I was a child, and my two grandfathers, fishermans in heart and soul, brought me to fishing together. I started with carp fishing itself at the age of 14, when I started reading my first magazines and I watched, like almost everyone, films on VHS from Milan Zelinka, Jarda Vítek and others. I started cooking my first boilies in the kitchen, in the pot where my mom cooked dumplings. It was really funny. A clear direction came when I was about 18 to 20 years old, when I already had a driver´s licence and I bought my first van. Which means that I could go with my brother and friends on the first longer expeditions in our waters and also on our first foreign expeditions.

I have been playing ice hockey very intesively since I was a child, but gradually I found my way to fishing and there was no space to do both things to the fullest, so it turned out as it turned out. Currently I visit both Czech public waters and foreign ones. I like big challenges and connected with that big lakes abroad. On these expeditions, we form a team with the best partner and at the same time my brother Jarda, and sometimes I leave with my friend Víťa, who was my teacher at a fishing club. But in last few years, I prefer to go in today´s hectic times on short walks to forgotten districts, where almost no one occurs, just as far away from civilization, absorbed in nature.

Like as everyone, I tried several companies that produce boilies, but when Tomáš Blažek contact me one day, if I am interested in cooperating with him, I couldn´t refuse. The product he produce absolutely suit me and I have full confidence in them. I would never change them again. Over time, we became friends and the whole group, which formed into a great team , allowed me to "live my dream".

I would also like to thank my great family, who fully support me and suffer from my feverish pace when fishing for carp giant, thans again.