Ladislav Kubec - TB Baits

The beginnings of my fishing are really for witnesses, I was about 8 years old when I wen to the water with my father and on a stick and bent pint caught strands. As boys, we then caught chubs on cherries. Later there was the era of pasta and catching so-called on swing. Later the era of catching on boilies began, but information how to make boilie and how to tie it was nowhere to be found. The first book I got in my hands was, at least I think, from Haspica, later Andy Little. It was difficult to find materials for production boilies and rigs. Then came Jizera and Mosel boilies, videos of Jarda Vítek and the great boom in catching large carp on rivers. At that time it was still great, only few people around the water, today it is a miracle to find a place (bans on overnight stays, barriers, etc.). Later came period of frozen boilie again. Now it is easy to buy ready and functional boilies. When I had the honor of meet Tomáš Blažek and we became a friends, I tried feeding the TB Baits brand ant it immediately brought me a lot of success. I prefer to be alone by the water, in a place there are not many people, only in the public waters. All the best. Láďa Kubec