Jaroslav Žemlička - TB Baits

I am 28 years old and I come from Hořovice near Beroun. My biggest hobbies are cycling, traveling and especially ice hockey, which I once played at a high level. Now I try to devote as much as possible to carp fishing, which fills and enriches me with many experiences. And thanks to this experiences, which I gain every time I catch a big carp, I move on.

My grandfather, who served as chairman for many years in a local organization, led me to this hobby. At an early age, I learned many interesting and important thing about fishing, which I use to this day. Over time, however, I fell in love with big carp, for me it is no.1 till today. Ever since my brother and I got a driver's license, we have been trying to go to the best possible waters, both foreign and local. And that is lasted to this day.

I used to work with other companies, then I met Tomáš Blažek, who suggested that I try his products. Because I watched his results and "fishing trophies" for a while, I didn't hesitate for a minute and agreed. To date, it has been several years since my opinion on Tom's products was confirmed to be unique. I use these great products on all waters, and even though the local carp also enjoy Tomáš's boilies, I prefer to go on an adventure abroad, where I can carefreely catch giant catches 24 hours a day.

The feeling of bliss that floods me with every expedition and every catch is irreplaceable, and therefore I wish all enthusiastic fishermen to live their dream as I live…