Jan Růžička - TB Baits

Fishing has been my hobby since I was a child, because I live near the Dalešice dam and it was there and on the surrounding ponds and reservoirs that I caught my first carp. But over time, I wanted to catch bigger fish, and the carp on the dam were no longer enough for me. So I started looking for some good waters where there would be big carp.

One of my first fishing trips was definitely the one at the Novomlýnské water reservoir, where I actually go fishing from time to time to this day. I've been trying a few times to catch carp abroad, and I'll definitely do it again.

When I started fishing more and more, I needed something that will work guaranted. I experimented and try various combinations for a long time. In 2016 on one trip with other avid fishermens I met Tomáš Blažek. The word gave the word and in addition to lots of advice and tips how to catch a proper carp, I got an offer tried the products and become a member of the team.

What I like the most about fishing is the nature, which is closely conected with this hobby, also proper carps and good music. And in the meantime, when there is some time left, I am actively involved in fire sports.