Dominik Macek - TB Baits

I started fishing at the age of seven and since then it has hold me tight. At the time, I did not care what kind of strangler I caught, especially if something was happening. Over time, I got to carp fishing. With the help of the first videos and articles, I made my first rigs, bought the first boilies and went to work. Seated days and nights by the water, I managed to overcome the "piranhas" about 50 - 60 centimeters, improved and gained experience for greater success in future expeditions. In my beginnings I used to catch on the public water "behind the house" which taugh me a lot over the years. But it became small over time and I began to look for and discower new waters, especially larger water, where there were many more trophy carp. I often think about, on which boilies to catch, I kept trying new brands. Until I was left with boilie by Tomáš under the hook and I wouldn't catch others. I fell in love with carp and it will probably never let me go.