David Kovalský - TB Baits

My name is David Kovalský and I am 39 years old. My father broughtme to fishing as a child, when we went out to the water together with a backpack,which included telescopic rods, earthworms, worm and then miraculous balls, as dad still call it, puffs. We are fishing,but but after a few years of getting up early and a stage of smaller carp, bream and roach, I longed for some bigger catch. I started studying all magazines, videos, books. I focused on the hair method and boilies. Everything was based on the method of "trial, error", so I slowly found my own way, which I completely succumbed to in 1999. Now I am focusing on carp fishing only and probably the biggest value for me have 21+ kg carp from public water and 23,50 kg from club water.... But the most beautiful feeling comes when the carp sails back safely to its realm.

I have known myself with Tomáš and the whole TB Baits team since 2016. When did I have the opportunity to try these products for the first time. Since then, they have helped me make beautiful catches. My favorites are Boilie Black Pearl, Spice Queen Krill.

And as my father led me to this beautiful hobby, so I try to introduce beauty of fishing to both my children.

We visit both small waters, where we catch close to the bank and therefore we must behave quietly nd inconspicuously, as well as water with large area, beacuse even riding with lures 500 m in waves has its charm.

I think that, in general, the relationship with fish has improved significantly. This is certainly evidenced by the approval of the K 70 in some districts. Pads are used, both on shore and in the boat, it doesn't use fishing bags unnecessarily due to more effective photos and the handling of the fish is very gentle, but maybe I can only judge it by myself…

Carp fishing has become not only a hobby, but a lifestyle of our lives. People learns all one's life, experiments, gains experience, tries to find out what will be most effective for having succes, but the main thing is to go your own way and follow your feelings.