Aleš Matoušek - TB Baits

I come from small town near Rokycany and I start fishing when I was 10 years old. Altrought I only went to poach on the pond behind the house, but I did count it, because everyone need start somehow. A year later, I decided to make fishing licence. Until now, I remember when I used to catch small carps with float on the nearest public water and every night I watched fishing videos of well-known Czech carp anglers and secretly hoped, that I would ever like to catch some more fish. I started using boilies when I was 14 and this method of fishing immediately become my favourite. Mainly due to the calm by the water and mental relaxation. I like quiet and often unvisited places. I have been using TB Baits brand products for a long time and there is absolute satisfaction. My favourite boilie is GLM Squid Strawberry, on which I have caught many large and beautiful carp.