TB Baits PVA Stick Mix Garlic Liver - 200 g

TB Baits PVA Stick Mix Garlic Liver - 200 g
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We produce our PVA stick mixes individually for each type of boilie.

They are ready for immediate use, suitable for PVA mesh or PVA bags. During production, we first mix liquid ingredient, such as essences, essential oils, oils, NHDC sweater, liquid foods and amino acids. We also add other liquid and bulk components, which serve as carriers and have the task of distributing the PVA mix to the surroundings, when it reacts with water. Then we add a mix to the liquid, which consists of the original boilie mix, birdseeds, extracts, spices and attractors. When it is thoroughly mixed, we add dried gamarus, shrimp and daphnia. It is very important, that the mix does not stick, and when the PVA material dissolves, it literally explodes around the bait and attract passing carps as quickly as possible. This mix also contains a color, that obscures the space around the bait.
Tip for making the bait more attractive: For bait use Liver Booster, Sweet Booster or liquid food and then use the PVA stick mix to cover boilies or other bait such as pellets or particles. Shake well, a very attractive layer will form on the surface of the feed. Allow to dry and you can feed or use it as a bait itself.