TB Baits Pellets Activ Protein-2,5 kg

TB Baits Pellets Activ Protein-2,5 kg
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Activ protein pellets are a unique bait for carp. They are suitable for PVA materials, for feeding or as an additive to particles and feeding mixes.

After opening the package, you will immediately find out that these are completely different pellets than you are used to. We have these pellets made to order. After hitting the bottom, the pellets start to work immediately. A strong food signal begins to be released from the pellets, which lasts up to 12 hours. At the bottom, small juicy buns will remain, which are a delicacy for fish. The penetrating scent of Activ Protein is irresistible for carp, which is why Activ Protein is also included in our other products. Suitable for short and long walks.