TB Baits Hard Boilie Garlic Liver - 250 gr 28 mm

TB Baits Hard Boilie Garlic Liver
4,99 EUR

A unique bait for fishing, which is longer than 12 hours. You do not have to worry about the Boilies hard, even after 48 hours it is still set under hook. It is suitable for fishing on large lakes, and rivers with many crayfish and white fish. The recipe for the composition of the mixes is the same as for the classic boilie, only more egg albumin and milk lactalbumin are added during production. This ensures that the boilie is not stone-dried, at the same time perfectly excludes attractors in its surroundings and is immediately digestible for carp. It does not disintegrate like a classic boilie and does not attract small fish, can “wait“ for large carp in the water. Thanks to the hard range, you can catch the largest carp all over Europe. Boilie in this design is the most popular bait of Tomáš Blažek. If your goal is a capital catch and not the number of catches, then Boilie Hard is ideal choice for you. It does not disintegrate after throw into water but acts immediately. It can therefore also be used for shorter walks, it is not the rule, that you will wait a long time for action.

Garlic Liver Flavor


Boilies based on salmon and tuna flour with dried minced garlic. The mix contains a large proportion of strong beef liver extract. This type of boilies uses liver and garlic essence plus liver-based liquid food and is supplemented by birdseed with insects.