TB Baits Boosted Boilie Scopex Squid 120 g 20-24 mm

TB Baits Boosted Boilie Scopex Squid 120 g 20-24 mm
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We are now expanding our most popular range of cheap boilies with boosted boilies in the same flavors.

In the production of our boosted boilies, the emphasis is on immediate efficiency and attractiveness. The original boilie is covered with a mix that contains attractants such as extracts, essences, essential oils, oils, liquid food, spice sweetener NHDC, dried gamarus, shrimp and daphnia. Everything is mixed with the original boilie mix. The boilies is then filled with an infusion that contains amino acid spectrum. A mixture of amino acids to which carp responds and forces to eat it. Careful mixing forms a layer of attractants on the surface of the boilie which is soaked in boilie and is literally a treat for carp.

Composition of TB boilies

All types of our boilies contain a proportion of salt and NHDC sweetener. The salt reacts very well with water and changes the pH around the bait. When the boilie hits the bottom, it immediately begins to react and change the surrounding pH. This slightly breaks down the structure of the boilie and the salt also work as a carrier of attractors. This causes a showy effectiveness and attractiveness for carp. And why NHDC? We have been using this sweetener since our beginnings, both in powder and liquid form. When we are testing baits, there was a huge difference in the effectiveness of products with and without NHDC. Carp love the sweet salty taste.

Our boilies is designed to be as attractive as possible after being thrown into the water. After hitting the bottom, the structure of the boilie immediately begins to break down and started to make a food signal in its surroundings. This captures the passing fish and forces them to start feeding. The decay time is affected by the water temperature and the activity of the white fish. Activ protein (enzymatically modified flour) is added to this boilie during production, which breaks down the structure of the bait and make from it one of the best attractors for carp.