TB Baits Boilie Paste Spice Queen Krill 200 ml

TB Baits Boilie Paste Spice Queen Krill 200 ml
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Attractive boilie paste to highlight your bait and speed up the bite.

Boilie pastes are a very effective accessory with which you can increase the attractiveness of your bait. Boilie paste contains active substances which are slowly released and creates a lite haze around the bait. In addition, it contains active micro-particles that pulsate around the bait or rise slowly through the water column. The sticky consistency of the paste allows the bait to be easily wrapped and holds well. The length of disintegration of the paste is determined mainly by the water temperature, the amount of white fish and the type of water (standing or flowing). If you want to get a bait with longer disintegration time, we recommended wrapping the bait in paste and letting it dry for a few minutes.

We recommend it for short-term fishing, for competitive catching and also for cold water, when choosing the right bait play an important role. Available in all flavors, like our boilies.